Amazon Redshift Data Sharing - Underlying Technology

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The diagram above shows how the Redshift Data Share feature enables you to share data across Redshift clusters in different AWS accounts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Redshift data share creates a shared VPC endpoint in the producer account that acts as a gateway for the consumer account to access the producer Redshift cluster.
  2. The producer account shares a specific set of data (tables) with the consumer account using a data share. At its core, a data share is a virtual object that defines the data that can be accessed by the consumer account.
  3. The consumer account creates an external schema in their Redshift cluster using Redshift Spectrum. The external schema is configured to use the shared VPC endpoint in the producer account as the data source.
  4. The external schema allows the consumer account to access the shared data in the producer Redshift cluster without copying the data or replicating the data into the consumer account’s data stores.


The shared data remains stored in the producer account’s data store, and the consumer account only accesses the data through the shared VPC endpoint and external schema.

This provides a secure and efficient way to share data between Redshift clusters in different AWS accounts.

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